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US-745201-A: Window-screen. patent, US-748528-A: Mechanism for treating ores. patent, US-775494-A: Method of making non-conducting coverings. patent, US-781274-A: Wedge. patent, US-783141-A: Thermo-electric signal. patent, US-795340-A: Circuit-closer. patent, US-796687-A: Circuit-controller. patent, US-79973-A: Improved electro-magnetic burglar and fire alarm patent, US-832006-A: Truck for transferring mail-matter. patent, US-7244682-B2: Methods of removing metal-containing materials patent, US-7494246-B2: Thin luminaire for general lighting applications patent, US-6642537-B1: Dual band QWIP focal plane array patent, US-6713514-B1: PPAR-γ agonists as agents for the treatment of type II diabetes patent, US-6812141-B1: Recessed metal lines for protective enclosure in integrated circuits patent, US-6927093-B2: Method for making programmable resistance memory element patent, US-7033883-B2: Placement method for decoupling capacitors patent, US-8017651-B2: Compositions and methods for the treatment of HIV-associated fat maldistribution and hyperlipidemia patent, US-8403171-B2: Enclosure with flange patent, US-6677659-B2: Method for fabricating 3-dimensional solenoid and device fabricated patent, US-6685279-B2: Brake control system patent, US-6751840-B2: Wirelaying tool and method for laying a wire into an interior bore surface of a cylinder patent, US-7242652-B2: Optical recording system with optimal recording laser beam power control, and method and device for generating a mark formation effectiveness signal in an optical recording system patent, US-7423333-B2: Cerdip type of solid-state image sensing device, structure and method for gripping cerdip type of solid-state image sensing device patent, US-7676331-B2: Torque estimating device of compressor patent, US-7744707-B2: Deep cryogenic tempering of brake components patent, US-7995333-B2: Sliding-type portable electronic device patent, US-8016378-B2: Element substrate, printhead, and head cartridge patent, US-6773334-B1: Dust collection and removal system patent, US-6806524-B2: Thin film magnetic memory device patent, US-6912562-B1: Cache invalidation technique with spurious resource change indications patent, US-6915552-B2: Porcelain oven rack patent, US-6989350-B2: Protective layer thermal transfer sheet and matted print patent, US-7085742-B2: Authenticating software licenses patent, US-8467230-B2: Data security for dynamic random access memory using body bias to clear data at power-up patent, US-8521922-B2: Input/output (I/O) path selection based on workload types patent, US-6678363-B2: Method and system for detecting a change in at least one telecommunication service rate plan patent, US-6711096-B1: Shaped piezoelectric composite array patent, US-6830957-B2: Method of fabricating BGA packages patent, US-6923033-B2: Roller system for flattening irregularly shaped, bent pieces of scrap sheet metal patent, US-6934633-B1: Helmet-mounted parachutist navigation system patent, US-6965049-B2: Zwitterionic lipid compound and uses thereof patent, US-7063587-B1: Building block patent, US-7148117-B2: Methods for forming shallow trench isolation structures in semiconductor devices patent, US-7330667-B2: Electrical compensation of optical impairments patent, US-8133860-B2: Facilitation of resuscitation from cardiac arrest by erythropoietin patent, US-8188825-B2: Transformer structure patent, US-6721642-B1: Method of generating a calibration crash sensor output pulse patent, US-6832064-B2: Seamless drying belt for electrophotographic process patent, US-6855209-B2: Plasma chamber cleaning patent, US-7051350-B1: Method of operating an apparatus intended to permit access to services patent, US-7110251-B2: Mounting device for mounting expansion cards in computer enclosure patent, US-7133508-B1: Prepaid long distance call system and method patent, US-7321446-B2: Color image processing device and color image processing method patent, US-7509400-B1: Method and system for interactively configuring a network device patent, US-7719722-B2: System and method of halftoning for multi-pass rendering patent, US-7737310-B2: Method for producing biphenols from monophenols patent, US-7878335-B2: Method and device for sorting irregularly shaped articles patent, US-7928430-B2: Mononuclear star-branched polymer dielectric material and organic thin film transistor patent, US-8026743-B2: Envelope detector for high speed applications patent, US-8163869-B1: Purification method of carboxyl group-containing polyoxyethylene derivative patent, US-8251128-B2: Method of producing copper alloy wire patent, US-8259090-B2: 3-dimension non-bias electrets multi-touch device patent, US-6641355-B1: Transportable lift truck with telescopic lifting arm patent, US-6644603-B2: Bracket for supporting and clasping an open wire channel for cables and the like patent, US-6672017-B2: Column protector patent, US-6782366-B1: Method for independent dynamic range control patent, US-6828863-B2: Multi-band frequency synthesizer for mobile terminals patent, US-6864921-B2: Display control system for controlling a display screen formed of multiple display units patent, US-6874312-B2: Oxidant storage capacity estimation patent, US-7023255-B1: Latch with data jitter free clock load patent, US-7067275-B2: Bioanalytical measuring method for determining catalases and peroxidases, as well as conjugates, substrates, activators and inhibitors thereof patent, US-7163696-B2: Pharmaceutical formulations patent, US-7193516-B2: Radio frequency identification tag apparatus for tire in radio frequency identification system patent, US-7301535-B2: 3D summary display for reporting of organ tumors patent, US-7487147-B2: Predictive user interface patent, US-7515530-B2: Detecting loops between network devices by monitoring MAC moves patent, US-7641968-B2: Moisture-curable polyurethane hot melt adhesive and multilayer sheet using the same patent, US-7747906-B2: Recording and reproducing apparatus and digital data recording method patent, US-7758207-B1: Lightweight LED lamp patent, US-7822575-B2: Tilt-angle detecting method and apparatus for a motorcycle patent, US-7851010-B2: Process of making a product containing at least partially denatured milk protein patent, US-8215362-B2: Manufacturing apparatus of absorbent article and manufacturing method of absorbent article patent, US-8237575-B2: Method, apparatus, and systems for remotely monitoring the location and usage history of radioactive materials stored with a shielded container or overpack patent, US-8303865-B1: Enhanced alpha particle emitter patent, US-8446712-B2: Portable electronic apparatus patent, US-6668209-B2: Injection molding machine arrangement patent, US-6675278-B1: Method and apparatus for managing memory patent, US-6820547-B2: Support structure for a blanket cylinder of an offset printing press patent, CN-203241817-U: On-line intelligent analysis and control system for operation parameters of oil pumping machine patent, US-6930675-B2: Display driver, display unit, and electronic instrument patent, US-7362850-B2: Method and arrangement for estimation of line properties patent, US-7569594-B2: Analogs of leucascandrolide A patent, US-7576455-B2: High performance focusing actuator of a voice coil motor patent, US-7783284-B1: Method and apparatus for site administration at a wireless handset patent, US-7835210-B2: Magnetic random access memory and data read method of the same patent, US-7847189-B2: Electrical Component patent, US-8038854-B2: Electrolysis installation patent, US-8143282-B2: Heterocyclic compounds patent, US-8179866-B2: Throughput optimized carrier allocation patent, US-8201757-B2: Flow rate regulator unit and aerosol type product with flow rate regulator unit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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